Relay-Contactor Circuits for Electric Drive Control

General Description of the Software Product

The virtual laboratory stand «Relay-Contactor Circuits for Electric Drive Control» is intended for simulation training in the principles of constructing relay-contactor control circuits for a three-phase asynchronous electric drive using standard electrical components – circuit breakers, contactors, relays, push-button posts, etc.

Main functions of the software product:

  • Construction and editing of a schematic diagram of an electrical circuit;
  • Construction and editing of a simulation model of a laboratory stand;
  • Software simulation of an assembled electrical circuit with the ability to interactively change the state of devices;
  • Simulated measurement of voltage in a circuit using a virtual multimeter;
  • Working with user project files;
  • Interaction with a physical relay board to implement software control of the electric drive (optional).

Type of target computing device and supported platform: IBM – compatible PC running Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh PC running MacOS, mobile devices based on Android and iOS operating systems.

The graphics component of the software uses the OpenGL 2.0 component base. The graphical user interface of the program is implemented in English.

Multi-platform support allows you to use the software on various computing devices, including interactive whiteboards, smartphones, tablet and desktop computers, which, in turn, increases the flexibility and mobility of the educational process, corresponding to the modern level of education informatization.

Minimum System Requirements

Types of Licensing

The simulator can be supplied with installation for one workstation (user license with registration keys issuance) and with installation for an unlimited number of workstations (corporate license for an organization). Mobile versions of the software product are also available in the Google Play and App Store app markets.

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