CNC Milling Simulator

General Description of the Software Product

CNC Milling Simulator is a multimedia application designed to provide a basic introduction to beginner mechanical engineering professionals with the principles of programming operations for milling parts using a standard (ISO) G-code.

The main task of the application is syntactic analysis (parsing) of the code of control programs in order to build a graphical model of cutting tool trajectories in three-dimensional space.

Field of application of the software product: educational process using computer technology: laboratory lessons of students in computer classes, distance learning, demonstration support of lecture material in the group of areas of training and specialties: «Metallurgy, Engineering and Material Processing».

The main functions of the application: editing the code of the control programs of the milling machine, operations with files of control programs, setting the geometric parameters of the cutting tool, continuous/step-by-step execution of blocks of control programs, three-dimensional visualization of tool movements in the working space of the machine, simplified visualization of the machined surface of the part, calculation of processing modes, a quick reference guide to using G-code.

Type of target computing device and supported platform: IBM – compatible PC running Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh PC running MacOS, mobile devices based on Android and iOS operating systems.

The graphics component of the software uses the OpenGL 2.0 component base. The graphical user interface of the program is implemented in English.

Multi-platform support allows you to use the software on various computing devices, including interactive whiteboards, smartphones, tablet and desktop computers, which, in turn, increases the flexibility and mobility of the educational process, corresponding to the modern level of education informatization.

Minimum System Requirements

Types of Licensing

The simulator can be supplied with installation for one workstation (user license with registration keys issuance) and with installation for an unlimited number of workstations (corporate license for an organization). Mobile versions of the software product are also available in the Google Play and App Store app markets.

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